Monday, 20 April 2015

RANI - a tailor in Tekka Market

shop number  02-125 at Tekka Market
and her name is

This is mainly for my Singapore friends as they keep asking what tailor I use and where is she located.  I came across this lady in Little India when I had some Indonesian Batik that I needed made up for the National Day Reception and since then I have given her many pieces of fabric or alterations to be done .....

I have been happy with everything she has done for me. Some things have been a little too large or too short etc after I have taken them home and tried them on, most times she alters those at no cost. But the rest of the garments she tends to make up are from $15.00 per item. Hems etc are anywhere from $2.00 to $6.00, but I do not know what the cost would be to make up something that would have a lot of fine detail.  (above pricing maybe now out of date)

The following is the first outfit she made for me and I was very happy with the work done.

for those that want to know where she is located I have some images - as follows - as to where she is located in the TEKKA MARKET in Little India, Singapore.

These directions are from exit E at
at the corner of Buffalo and Racecourse Roads.

from the exit, veer to the LEFT towards the 
vegetable stalls in Buffalo Road

Keep the vegetable stalls on your LEFT and you will see the 
the orange colour building in this image:

cross the road (Buffalo Road) and 
walk up the stairs at this entrance 

 keep going up to the very top level

walk right across the top floor and turn LEFT 
and walk past these stalls.
Kitchen wares, tailors, antique dealer etc 


Since I posted the images and wrote the blog she has now moved to

This move takes place from the 1st May 2015

( shop number  02-125 )
and her name is

The above are the easiest directions I can give you from the LITTLE INDIA MRT, you may already know the area and so will be able to locate her easily.

The cheapest place - and with far more variety - to buy fabric is in the Arab Quarters or at Mustafa's and then take it to her in Little India.

Make sure you explain EXACTLY what you want and how you want it, or be daring and leave it up to her!! 

Which is what I often do anyway.

Place each item / or piece of fabric in a plastic bag along with your name and contact number.

Ask her to measure you on your first visit so she will always have this with her.

I have sometimes taken in my 'favourite clothing items' 
that fit perfectly and have asked her to make up the fabric to that pattern.  This works well too.

The simple things Rani will do within 24 hours, but I usually leave the fabric or alterations with her and pick them up the next week. 

Though have recently given her a few things to do, but also said there is no hurry and  that I am more than happy to pick them up  at the end of Deepavali, a period when I know she will be extra busy.

I hope that she will be of help to you.

Please be sure to tell her I sent you!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting post.
What a wonderfully opulent existence you lead.

Have a nice day, Boonie

Leone Fabre said...

hey Boonie, it might sound like that by going to a tailor to have my clothing made ..... but here in Singapore the clothes are all 'barbie sized' so I have no choice but to have the clothes made for me and the cheapest I can do so is in Little India!!

( I am definitly NOT a barbie size!)


Lisa said...

Glad to see my chance (and very last minute alteration) has created a ripple effect! May have to pop past when I come back through :)

Leone Fabre said...

Thanx Lisa ..... it was agreat 'find' indeed.

There are many tailors in Little India, some may be better of course, but you have to be happy with the one that 'understands your needs'.

Oswald Chong said...

Tekka is one of the best places in Singapore to get your clothes, where prices are still.... fairly reasonable.

Unknown said...

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