Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Hump Day today.........

Today is a very warm, humid, sticky day........I think I will go and have a dip in the pool or perhaps a laze in the spa bed as seen here:

Must admit it is very relaxing and soothing to close ones eyes and just drift.

The temperature reached 32 a few hours back and the humidity was up to a high 94%, but it is rapidly dropping and it is at this time (3.00pm) a cool 30 deg (86f) with 66% humidity, so in fact quite bearable.

Today I had a clean out of the "maids room", though we use it as a store room. We seem to collect an awful lot of 'stuff'. Anyway, gave it a thorough clean out and re sorted a few things. .... and no, I didn't manage to throw anything out!

The balcony had a good clean too...... scrubbed all the white tiles with bleach and rinsed well, looks nice and clean again. The base of the pot plants always leave a dark brown stain and is difficult to remove, which is why about once a month I need to clean it with the bleach.

............... and being Hump Day, we are on the down hill run for our holidays starting on Sunday. Just FOUR more sleeps!

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