Tuesday, 24 June 2008

these past few weeks have been BIZZEE !!

Lots of things have been happening......

our new Villa at Nongsa to start with, we picked up the key last Sunday and the renovations start on July 1st...... wahoooo!!

lots of visitors over the past couple of months...... last ones being my nephew and his wife. So lovely to spend time with them and then they returned to Melbourne last weekend.

packing for my holiday with Janine. The packing has been 'on hold' till all guests have departed and I can spread out in the guest room and pack what is needed for the 3+ weeks Janine and I are spending traveling around Alaska.

extra bits and pieces have taken up time too, things like applying for a multi entry visa into Indonesia ........ photos, completing forms and then taking it into Chinatown to be processed.

this past couple of weeks we have also been getting the paperwork ready for the Permanent Residency Application. Again, lots of paperwork and things to be gathered!!!

I think things are starting to be done, am getting excited about Alaska now, took awhile for that to kick in as I was otherwise occupied and the excitement part just did not fit in. :-)

Leaving here on Saturday June 28 at 6.00am.........

hopefully I might have time to update my blog along the way!!!!!!

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Bob said...

Leone...you'll probably be home by the time you are able to ready this comment but that's okay.

Tina and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with you and Janine while the two of you were in Anchorage. You both are very interesting, entertaining and lovely women.

As I wrote Janine, we didn't have any real expectations of you prior to meeting but you easily exceeded any reasonable expectations we could have had. We had a blast and hope our visits got you off to a good start in Alaska.