Thursday, 21 August 2008

summer in Dawson City ......

Summer in Dawson City. ......... . June - August

* Mother nature at her warmest
* Flowers everywhere
* Long daylight hours "Land of the Midnight Sun"
* Hiking, biking, fishing, exploring the historical beauty of Dawson
* Checking out how a gold mine works and trying your luck at finding the "motherlode"
* Shopping in the many gift shops
* Touring the galleries and museum
* Gambling and watching the floor show at Diamond Tooth Gerties
* Dawson City Music Festival (July 18 - 20)
* Discovery Days (August 13 - 18)

Flowers are in anything that will hold soil and a seedling....... !!!

see previous post on Dawson City, and the next posting will be on the unique style of Dawson!!

enjoy. :-)

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