Tuesday, 16 September 2008

boarding the M/V Columbia at Ketchikan.....

......continuing our journey south thru the Inside Passage from Skagway to Bellingham on the Alaskan Maritime Highway Ferry System.

we were on the M/V Kennicott from Skagway to Ketchikan, from there we changed ferries and boarded the Columbia....

these images are on the Columbia from the time we left Ketchikan on July 16 2008.

this one is of the vehicles waiting to board:

.... and where they enter the ferry .....
Vehicles park below......
one of the dining area's ....... with a fabulous view!!!
Janine sitting at a table in one of the lounge area's, this is usually where we played scrabble or cards or were found reading.... in this image you can see the clothes we had washed and left on the window ledge to dry!!!
We had a cabin / roomette on board the Kennicott, but for the Columbia they wanted to charge us an additional $400.00 for two nights!!

Long story about cabins and their availability in earlier postings!!

Anyway, we declined to pay the extra $400.00 (especially after we only paid $33.00 on the previous ferry!) so opted to sleep in the lounge along with many others...... this image is our little corner where we bedded down....
This is the area a lot of people slept in sleeping bags etc..... too cold for us though!!!
one of the dining area's and cafe..... food was good and price not too bad considering we were on a ferry...... though a lot of people brought their own food with them on board.
the bar area .....
Janine out on deck......
another area for people to sleep on deck........ :-)

a lot of people brought tents along as well.......
you gotta be quick to grab one of these sleeping area's, as people are boarding they run to these area's to secure a good spot...... of course, most of these people have traveled on the ferries before, so know all the lurks!

We wouldn't have slept here anyway, just far too cold for us!!

but if you book early enough, make sure you get a cabin 
we were still happy with what we had,
but when we eventually got a cabin it was much more comfortable.

Next posting:

into Bellingham and Vancouver

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