Saturday, 14 March 2009

How we got to Pulau Ubin

Well at last we have been to Pilau Ubin, we have been wanting to get across there for quite awhile now and today we did it......

Pulau Ubin is an island located 2km north east of Singapore, in the Johor Straits. Its size is 1,019 hectares.

Will only post "How to Get to Pulau Ubin" and follow on with the rest tomorrow.

I use the GoThere website when I am not sure what bus or train to take, so used it today to make sure we were going to the correct MRT. Which was the Simei MRT.....

The following image is the Simei MRT, from here we walked just 50 metre's to the bus stop.
.... and then this image (below) is where we caught the bus (number 9) from Simei MRT thru to the Changi Village.

Ask the bus driver to let you know when you need to get off, they are very helpful. It will take about 30 mins by bus......

......the bus was not crowded - thank goodness!
.... and yes, some buses have TV !
after alighting from the bus we walked thru Changi Village .............
towards the Changi Point Ferry Terminal, as seen here:
From where we live at Bukit Batok, it took 90 minutes to reach the Ferry Terminal and the cost was $2.30 in total for both train and bus.

Now this is where the fun begins....

yes, we are going on a Bumboat to Pulau Ubin!

Pulau Ubin is an island 2klms off the northeastern coast of Singapore, in the Johor Straits, shaped like a boomerang and covered by low hills. This offshore island is being developed into a nature park complete with trails, shelters, camping sites, chalets and other basic amenities.

Pulau Ubin is a very popular place known to many Singaporeans. Many people go there for camping or cycling. It is easily accessible. There are a lot of nature trails, camping areas and many more.

Take a Bumboat from Changi Pier out to Pulau Ubin for a daytime getaway from the city. The bumboat service operates from 6.00 am to 11.00 pm by private operators. The fare for single trip is $2.50 at all times, or another $2.00 if you are bringing a bike over. The boat will only leave the jetty when there are 12 passengers, or if someone is willing to charter the whole boat for something like about $30.00.

We certainly did not have to wait any length of time for 12 passengers, as it was a Saturday, so many people were going over anyway.....

as soon as you were on board, the money was collected ....... and you were on your way!
I didn't actually go check to see IF there were any life jackets in this box!
John was anxious for the adventure to begin!!
he didn't have long to wait, barely one minute later and we were off .......
these Bumboats weave in and out all the other Bumboats with ease and can squeeze into the smallest of places.

Our Bumboat was sandwiched in between these boats:

we left Changi Point ferry Terminal behind and we were on our way to Pulau Ubin, just 2 klms - or 10 minutes - away.

tomorrow will post of our day on the Island.......

in the meantime, read an earlier post when we had intended to visit Pulau Ubin a couple of weeks ago:

" Its about to dump "


Oswald Chong said...

You can actually take a boat to Malaysia, did you guys see a small immigration post by the side?

Author! Author! said...

Hi Leone -

Aren't you GORGEOUS!

I really enjoy your pictures, and if I ever get my blogs fully organized, will be sure to add yours to my roll.

Thanks for stopping by mine. An Aussie journalist friend here said he loves to read expat blogs about Australia because it is like eavesdropping and provides insight about how others view Australia that you might not otherwise get. I haven't bothered to do the same with America, because I already know how frustrating and confounding life there is and I don't need to hear it from anyone else!

But you are spot on, that the beauty of travel is opening yourself up to different is sad how easily forgotten that fact is among the myraid of daily difficulties.

Enjoy your time in Singapore! My husband often toys with moving there next...who knows? We only planned on Australia two months before it happened!


Leone Fabre said...

Yes Oswald, saw that we could do a trip over to Johor too.... might have to leave that for another day. There is just so much to see here. :-)

... and Audra, thanx for your comment. Gorgeous??? Appreciate that one!!

and yes, it is interesting to read other view points of living in Australia. But I think both John and I have our eyes wide open on that and very much aware of the 'faults' too.

Just as there is here. No place on earth is perfect.... but there are many that come close to it... we just have to have an open mind to see it.

But to enjoy what life brings to us each day, no matter where we are.

Shreeni said...

Leone, thanks for your post. I did the day trip to Pulau Ubin yesterday and found it quite amazing.

Quick note: Instead of taking Bus # 9 from Simei, it is probably better to take either Bus # 29 from Tampines MRT station or Bus # 2 from Tanah Merah Station as they go right up to the Changi Ferry Terminal. I blogged about my trip at