Saturday, 28 March 2009

Saturday breakfast .......

John has been telling me that he often goes to The Chevrons at lunchtime, and suggested we go there for breakfast this morning.......

we went by train, though it is just as quick and easy to go by bus, as seen here on the GoThere website.

The Chevrons is like an "Officers Club", a little bit like what we would call in Australia the RSL (Returned Serviceman's League).

The SAF Warrant Officers & Specialists Club was previously located in Beach Road. Since moving to the new clubhouse in Boon Lay Way, the Club has made milestone changes.

With a new home, the Club adopted a new identity - THE CHEVRONS. The chevrons refers to the v-shaped stripe that is unique to the Warrant Officers and Specialists Corps.

THE CHEVRONS logo reflects the values of the Club. The three chevrons-like veins on the leaf represent the three services of the SAF. The evergreen leaf depicts the Club and its resolve to provide a vibrant and relaxing environment for members and their families to unwind and interact.

Walking across Boon Lay Way on the overpass, this is what you see.....

but step inside and it is a whole new world. At first it looked like a large hotel. Then I realised that it also has accommodation. On arrival back home I checked the website and see that the "chalets" are booked up every weekend till August!

So it must be very popular.....
from inside the lobby looking out to Boon Lay Way. I know, not a good photo looking out to the light like this.... but you get the general idea.

But we are there for breakfast ..... I keep forgetting as the surroundings are just so nice!!

Even a large pool.... the children can be playing while the adults have a meal.

But we dragged ourselves away from walking around the complex to sit down in Hans Cafe to have breakfast......

It is nice and clean and the tables are not jammed up against one another. They even serve alcohol, which did surprise me.

The breakfast set is very reasonable. Certainly well worth the effort of going there!
*Served with Butter Toast N Coffee/Tea

(Available till 11.30 a.m.)

Fried Egg (sunny side up)
w/ Bacon $ 5.80
w/ Ham $ 5.00
w/ Sausage $ 5.00

Scrambled Egg
w/ Bacon $ 5.80
w/ Ham $ 5.00
w/ Sausage $ 5.00

Omellete of
Ham $ 5.20
Cheese $ 5.20
Onion $ 5.20
Mushroom $ 5.20
Chicken $ 5.20
Tomato $ 5.20
Tuna $ 5.20
Pisang (Banana) $ 5.20

but not only do they have breakfast, but cakes and pastries and lunch and dinner and coffee and tea and juice and ..........

all quite delicious and well worth going there. A slice of the above Apple Crumble was only $2.20, a slice of the Apple Pie was $1.80..... can't beat that!!!

So yes, we enjoyed our Saturday Breakfast, then it was off to IMM for some shopping!

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