Tuesday, 31 March 2009

a wander around Sungai Rengit in Malaysia

This is the Kampong where we had our Seafood Dinner on Sunday night....

a liitle place called Sungai Renggit:

Seafood restaurants, Fruit Farm, Fishing Village, Mini Markets

Sungai Rengit in the district of Pengerang, Johor, is a rustic fishing village situated south of Desaru. Well worth a visit if you are in this part of Johor.

**So funny, some very 'polite' reader told me that my posting was incorrect and to "Please study the Map of Malaysia ya." Unfortunately I had done a cut and paste from an article in another blog which mentioned that Sungai Rengit was north of Desaru.... my fault entirely, I should have rechecked! **

Not all these images have been taken by me, some are from "Waemak" as seen here:


it is very difficult to obtain information of this area. I guess being just a small fishing village, people think there is not much to write about...... but it is fascinating to wander around and see how the locals live.

Sungai Rengit is a town in southeastern Johor, Malaysia. It is located near Pengerang. Maybe when I do my next 'posting' on the area I will attach a map and then you can see where this place is in relation to the area.....

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The Experimental Cook said...

Thank you for your post.I've been to Desaru a couple of times but knew nothing of this little hamlet. Your photos make this place quaint and rather interesting. I will visit Sg Rengit and check it out this month. Thanks again!