Thursday, 11 June 2009

water for the village of Phum Leang Dai, Cambodia

if you read the previous posting it is about us ordering a well for this village in Siem Reap (Cambodia) and we are happy to say that it is now completed and the villagers have WATER ...... they no longer have to walk 3 or 5 klms to fetch the water from the river. It is right there in the village for them to use for drinking, cooking and bathing!

The above photo is where they are erecting the new sign to say it has been donated by Australia, with our names beneath.
This is Ly Heng showing the children how to get the water to bathe. Ly Heng was the person we had to organise the drilling of the well. Here is his first email to us last week:

Dear Leone + John,

Today is such happy time that villager come and see you well drilling.
They say thanks to you. I wish you are here see this happy people. I send you some pics for today and will send the finish tomorrow. God bless you.

Best Regard. Ly Heng

and here we have a very happy Ly Heng standing in front of the completed well:

and the second email we rec'd last night:

June 10 2009 :

Dear John and Leone, I am sorry for late sending you photos of well, it is finished two days.

Water now come out please see the photos.

The village that I dig the well for is the most poorest village in Siem Reap. The house we placed the well there are four orphans live. The last day I went to the house the lady near that house asked me to take care those orphans. I could not stand in front of this situation because, I couldn't help them at all, just the well.

You know you are one part of their lives. villager so thankfull..... On behaft the kids would like say THANK YOU so much, may this goodex come to be happyness in your life and familly.

God bless you and familly

Best Regard, Ly Heng

Here the children are being shown the use of the well, they obviously find it fascinating!

This lady is a widow and has four young children.....
.... and now some of the villagers all dressed in their very best to pose for the photo.....

I am going to start planning a second well, so be warned my friends,

I will be asking you for a donation to help.



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