Friday, 9 October 2009

celebrate the Festival of Lights ...

Deepavali in Singapore 2009

some of these images are from the festival in 2007 ..... but it is still just as bright and colourful now as it was two years ago.... !!

Deepavali, regarded as the festival of lights, is celebrated almost in all parts of the world with great pomp and show. It is a colorful lights festival celebrated by the Hindus residing in all parts of the world. The festival usually takes place in October or November. The festival marks the death of the cruel King Narakasura by Lord Krishna. The most happening part of this Deepavali festival is that children and adult members in the family join hands to decorate their house with oil lamps during the evening time.

By lighting these lamps, the Hindus thank the Gods for the peace, happiness, prosperity, wealth and knowledge that they have been bestowed with. It is indeed a grand celebration time. Like in India, Deepavali in Singapore is also celebrated with much enthusiasm and vigor.

The streets are beautifully decorated at the time of Deepavali and Little India, an ethnic neighborhood in Singapore featuring cultural elements of India, becomes a very busy place during this time of the year. At Little India, you will come across live music, colorful lights and roadside stalls during the evening and the place remains bustling with shopaholics busy buying saris and other gift items along with Indian spices and food.

Still thinking what all you can do to celebrate Deepavali Singapore 2009?

Then simply check out some of the things that you can do as part of Deepavali Singapore 2009 celebrations further down in this blog post.

Deepavali Street Light Up:
You can enjoy yourself in the Deepavali Street Light Up during the evening on Serangoon Road. The festival will be held from September 19, 2009 to October 25, 2009 (tentative date).

Dining at Little India’s Vegetarian Restaurants:
You can even think of dining with your family and friends at your favorite vegetarian restaurant in Little India during Deepavali Singapore 2009.

Paint your hands with henna at the Deepavali Bazaar:
If you want to make yourself more beautiful and attractive during Deepavali, visit Campbell Lane and the artists are there to paint your hands beautifully with henna at the Deepavali Bazaar. What you need to do is only select a particular sample design that best suits you from a wide range of designs.

Visit the Temples on Serangoon Road:
If you have a religious bent of mind, you can visit the Sri Veerama Kaliamman Temple located at the crossroad of Belilios Road and Serangoon Road. You can also figure out some interesting facts from the worshippers.

Participate or be a spectator of the Deepavali Street Parade: Join the Deepavali Street Parade in Singapore and indulge yourself in singing, dancing and lots of other fun and merry making activities.

Visit a Hindu Family:
Since Deepavali is originally a festival of the Hindus, you can plan a visit to a Hindu family to enjoy the true essence of Deepavali. They will be ready to greet you with sweets and other Indian dishes that they usually prepare as part of this auspicious Deepavali festival.

But tomorrow (October 10) is the street parade:

Watch or join in the Deepavali Street Parade....... Singing, dancing and merry-making.
A celebration of Indian culture and performing arts.

Date: 10 Oct 09
Time: 7pm

Venue: Race Course Road near Little India MRT Station


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Andrea said...

I hate that I'm missing the celebration tomorrow night!! If you go, enjoy for me, please.