Wednesday, 11 November 2009

historical WEATHER summary for your vacation......

(Berlin December 1935)

Psst..... wanna see a cute little idea from Wunderground?

The Trip Planner helps you plan ahead. Simply choose the start and end dates of your trip or event and the Trip Planner will search our historical database for weather conditions on those dates in past years. The results will help you plan accordingly telling you how hot, cold, wet or windy it will be!
I logged in Berlin, Germany for the dates that we will be there and rec'd the following:

it gives me the archived detailed weather for those dates.

As an example there is 0% chance of a hot day and there is 0% chance of even a warm day!!

But there is a 27% chance of it being a FREEZING DAY ..... that is with a temperature of ZERO DEGREE'S!

In the 10 days I am there there will be average cloud cover, so a 69% chance of it being a CLOUDY DAY..... all this is very helpful advice.

So if you are planning a vacation somewhere..... click on WUNDERGROUND!

and it looks like I will need all those winter woollies and jackets and mittens and scarves and boots and socks and hats and ....... ???

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