Monday, 1 March 2010

staying at Elements

My previous post was to say that we had been to Koh Samui ....... I also mentioned that we stayed at Elements Boutique Resort and Spa.

The concept of this resort is to allow all guests to enjoy a quiet and peaceful atmosphere and to be happy and comfortable during their stay. The staff are wonderful and do everything they can to make the stay enjoyable.

We stayed 12 nights and would happily return for another visit.

My only concern was the small children that were noisy near the spa area. I am not saying small children should not be allowed, but it is not a resort that caters for young children..... there is no children's pool or playground. This resort caters mainly for couples and small groups.

John and I had a 2 hour massage in the Resort Spa, unfortunately while we were supposed to be relaxing and enjoying this massage, a young child staying in the next villa was constantly screaming! Not a pleasant experience for anyone.

But this is my only complaint. They cannot refuse young families, but it is not a resort where one would encourage very young children ..... though having said that, there was one baby of 9 mths that was the best behaved child I have ever come across!! The staff were so taken with him that they took him from the parents constantly and just walked around the resort with him. He was just delightful and everyone loved him.

The resort is way down south on Koh Samui ..... away from all the night life of Chewang Beach or Lamai. But if you ever wanted to go to these places, there is a driver available to take you.

Of an evening it was very pleasant to sit on the beach bags on the beach during happy hour chatting to other guests. We had many a margarita on the beach!

On Friday nights there is a BBQ night on the beach with live music, fire dancers and plenty of food. But one does not ever feel the need to participate in these activities, it is entirely up to you.

Wednesday nights is "meet the team" night where the staff mingle and serve snacks and drinks ..... another lovely evening to chat with other guests on the beach.
We were there on Chinese New Year and we had the lanterns to light and set free across the ocean too.
Another day we went out on the speedboat to other small islands close by.

We had many fabulous days here on Koh Samui, and gradually will upload photos and stories of those days. This is just a quick blog to share with you parts of our vacation at Elements. The following images are of our villa.....

and the view early morning from our balcony towards the back of the resort:
Others reading this may have stayed in better resorts, but we were very happy with Elements, certainly better than the resort we stayed at in Mauritius last year!! Elements gave us exactly the type of vacation we were after. Some tranquility, good food, great atmosphere, a well equipped gym, nice pools, a good beach to walk along, some quite places for meditation, caring staff, lovely big villa's and a wonderful spa where we had massages everyday!

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