Monday, 10 May 2010

wandering around the garden area of the hotel ...

We traveled from Singapore to the Cameron Highlands by coach on Friday night arriving at The SmokeHouse Hotel early on Saturday morning May 8 2010.

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Our first couple of days at The Smokehouse Hotel, click HERE.

For our 'upgrade' to The Honeymoon Suite, click HERE.

The following images will give you an idea of the gardens of the hotel .... there are many lovely little area's for sitting and reading, chatting, playing cards or simply just relaxing.

The flowers are all so beautiful and demand their own blog posting which will follow on from this one that is all about the garden area itself:

I don't think it would matter what time of the year you stayed here, there would always be some where pleasant to sit in the garden.

Tomorrow's blog will be of the beautiful flowers seen here!


lilinanasun said...

that really looks great~
i am planning to go there, thanks a lot for your information there~ hope I can have a really great trip there like you did~

lilinanasun said...

hi~ those pics are really nice~~
I am planning to go there as well, thanks a lot for the info you shared here, that helps~
hope I can have a really great trip as you did~
thx~ nice day~

Lin YY said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm a Singaporean myself, but have only recently started to explore more of my neighbouring countries. Your delightful blog's been a great help. Thanks!