Monday, 10 May 2010

The Rocking Chair

Yesterday I blogged about The Smokehouse Hotel where we are staying for 5 days in the Cameron Highlands ...... I also mentioned that the next blog posting would be about the gardens of the hotel. Sorry, but have digressed as in the meantime we had been upgraded to The Honeymoon Suite, so thought it better to upload the photos of that before I get started on the garden area.

So here goes:

Yes ... a genuine rocking chair in the alcove of the writing area of our 'honeymoon suite' !!
this is one of the wardrobe doors ......
This one is for real ..... yes, you do have to step up to the throne.....
The first suite we were in the bathroom was in two area's, in this suite it is one large bathroom:

... and the inside of the front door, it is inlaid with material:

... and another beautiful wardrobe door in our room:
I do not think it matters what room or suite you have, each has it's own uniqueness and charm. Each room is full of old antique's, cupboards, plates, vases, tables etc..... it is like entering a sort of museum. Except it is much more 'homely'. 

Will try to blog about the garden later, then maybe the walk we did around the golf course and of course the walk to Tanah Rata ..... so much to do in this area, I need more time....

I don't want to leave here on Wednesday ..... please let me stay longer.



cajunsis said...

It is beautiful! I love all the old charm it has. I am sure you are enjoying every minute of it. Love your pictures - keep 'em coming.

Unknown said...

wow that rocks!! for sure you enjoy it!! love the chess floor, so alice in wonderland! ^^'