Tuesday, 22 June 2010

2010 World Championship Climb

The Marina Bay Sands 2010 World Championship Climb to the Sands SkyPark is the first event of its kind: a speed race to climb the 55 floor Marina Bay Sands hotel, showcasing the courage and skills of some of the fastest climbers in the world.

The event is a team speed competition, with seven teams of three climbers each, representing seven different regions of the world. The climbers are all world class professional climbers from a variety of different specialties and strengths. Each team includes one female and two male climbers.

The race is a team relay, with seven climbers on each of the three towers.

check here for images of the preparation!

Each team must climb the three towers is succession, followed by a sprint across the SkyPark to a dramatic finish line where TV camera's, news medsia and a special celebrity guest await the winners.

A few moments later, skydivers will descend from the sky, pass over Marina Bay Sands and land in the waters of Marina Bay to signify the conclusion of the competition and commencement of the evenings entertainment.
 below: the arrow points to where The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is now situated:

image below:
before the SkyPark was added ...... image taken in August 2009 ......

the above image was when they were repairing the Merlion (after lightning damage) and in the background you can see the MBS being built.

So to watch these climbers scale the THREE TOWERS of the Marina Bay Sands, will be amazing!

Tomorrow - Wednesday June 23 2010.

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cajunsis said...

Missed it, but you got it. Yay! Amazing photos, of course :-)