Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Mud Glorious Mud......

Mud Glorious Mud: Driving Through Mud

on our recent jaunt to the Cameron Highlands [ June 28 - July 2 ] we managed to do a bit of Jungle Trekking. By "we" I mean Suzie, Suxin, Susan, Christine and myself. ....... 

The following three maps will give you an idea of where we were. 

first one shows Tanah Rata - where we stayed at The SmokeHouse Hotel - on the lower left. Just below Brinchang. Then the A on the map shows where we went trekking in the jungles of Malaysia!

second one shows Singapore way at the very bottom of the map and then Tanah Rata where the A is situated. This was a 10 hour bus trip.

and the third map shows Tanah Rata in the Cameron Highlands.


But to get to the jungle destination we first had to do some 4 x 4 'ing ..... it was a blast!

we are just so clean here!

Our driver / guide (Rajah) picked us up at the SmokeHouse Hotel just after 9.00am for our "all day excursion". Little did we know what was in store for us.

There are a few blog postings from others that did a similar trip to us and are well worth reading too!

Lesley and Rob's adventure.

The Cawleys adventure.

Jan's trip to see the Raffelsia.

the following images show where we went and how we managed the drive to our jungle adventure, which will be another posting entirely!

but first I needed a "potty stop" near the local village ..... none of the others were game enough to try this one ..... and then it was into the Land Rover and off on our adventure.


 ...... and at the end of the day we headed safely back down the mountain and actually saw civilisation, in the form of a made road, again ....

all in all it was a great trip, I loved the drive there and back, though the others were not so keen at all.  I sat in the front and watched both the road and the driver!  The driver was well experienced and knew just when to flip the steering wheel, or brake or change gears. I felt secure with his driving at all times. Though Suzie and Suzin were sitting way in the back and had no "grab holds" which would have made it very uncomfortable.

I think if anyone else does this trip with any of the local tour companies, make sure you have an understanding of all the places you are going to, for how long, what the weather will  be like, if you need to take food, what is needed in the form of footwear, if 4 x 4 driving is involved etc. 

We did our tour with Cameron Service and the cost was 400.00 RM for an 8 hour private tour. He later wanted to take us on extra 'side trips' and we had to be very firm and say what we wanted ... not what he wanted us to do.

But with five of us, I felt it was worth every bit of the 400 Ringitt.

Not so clean at the end of our "jungle trekking" !!!

 next posting will be of the trek itself ..... I was not so brave then!!

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