Friday, 31 December 2010

our walk back to The Smokehouse Hotel

and now we are ready to head back to the Smokehouse Hotel but do keep to the edge of the road as there is still a lot of traffic.
as we pass by this residential area with the washing hanging out to dry!
and yes, that is a vehicle driving along the road with six people in the back holding an umbrella to keep the sun off them!
watch out for the motorcycles as they fly up the road towards us ...... that one was close and we were lucky to be able to jump to the side of the road. No wide gutter here like there was before either!
It is still an enjoyable walk to Brinchang and back from the Smokehouse Hotel and certainly we have seen many interesting sites along the way as seen in the previous posts!
At least it is getting easier now with not so much traffic!
ooop's, now there are other obstacles! 

Careful of the bee hive ....... you nearly stepped on that, it looks like it has fallen out of the tree above.
..... and lucky I saw this just in time too. So easy to walk into the cobweb with Mr Nasty swinging in the breeze ........
I think we need to get back to the safety and comfort of The Smokehouse Hotel ....
and maybe take some time out and relax in the garden for a Devonshire Tea.
Hope you enjoyed your walk into Brinchang and of course the bowl of Strawberries and Yoghurt!

After a good nights sleep we will head off somewhere else tomorrow!

For further blog postings on our visit to the Cameron Highlands, please link thru on all underlined text.

The Smokehouse Hotel is based on the very old English Style Hotel and is what I would probably call a "boutique style' hotel which allows the staff to get to know you and makes for a more intimate hotel experience.
It is situated in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting...thanks for sharing your Singapore. Years ago my husband worked for a company that did business in Singapore...he awakened my curiosity about this unique little gem of a happy to have found your blog so I can learn more! Happy 2011!