Monday, 14 February 2011

just a walk in the park

Yesterday - Sunday February 13 - we did The Pasir Panjang  Commemorative Walk with a group of fellow enthusiasts, the Raffles Museum Toddycats and volunteers of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, NUS. In collaboration with the National Archives of Singapore, NHB.  

We first heard about the walk through HabitatNews and this is where we often find interesting things to do around Singapore.

I have already started blogging on the walk and you can read HERE about some of the smaller things I saw or read HERE about the Battle of Pasir Panjang and it's history in relation to Singapore.

This blog post will be about the pathways and roadways we walked on ...... there is much about the actual walk itself and really far too much to contemplate in one posting, so am breaking it up into these smaller posts.

This one is all about the images of the pathways .... so many hidden paths, wide roads, brick paths, concrete paths and steps ...... so many steps! 

But have left that for the next blog posting.

In the meantime, meander your way through the park via these images, imagining yourself here on a warm, sunny day taking in the fresh air, the beautiful tree's and scenery.

Taking a walk through nature is not only refreshing and energising, it can also be a healing experience thanks to the energy of trees. In the early years of mankind, trees were regarded as special beings, no doubt because of their size and majesty. Apart from being the home of animals and birds, trees were also thought to embody a spirit, and people would leave offerings to the spiritual presence that resided in the tree. In India, most local shrines are constructed under trees. Shamans of Native American and Europe believed that trees also possess curative powers. 

Different trees are said to have particular medicinal properties.

and yes, even this was a pathway at one point!
Don't you feel better already?

Getting out of the urban noise of a city and into nature puts you at ease, nurtures your soul and expands your consciousness. 

Your mind quiets and as you take it all in you are delivered in to a space of peaceful contemplation. Moments in which you are surrounded by nature's beauty are sacred moments. 

Whether a trip into a wilderness, a forest where the sun is filtered by the trees, a red-rock desert or the landscape of a secluded ocean beach, you are welcomed and awaken to something extraordinary, not only to that which is before you, but that which is within you.

Find a park somewhere close by this weekend and enjoy. 

If you are in Singapore, check the National Parks website HERE for helpful information.

Click HERE to read the blog post on all the steps and stairs that we encountered on the above walk!!

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Lovely...enjoyed the photos and your words...thanks for sharing!