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a glimpse into the architecture of Funchal

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I am hoping to get as many completed as I can before I head off to Bangkok in about 10 days. Hopefully I can then blog about what I have done there before getting back to the holiday blogs and then I can get back to MY SINGAPORE posts!

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today's blog posting is about the different architectural styles of Funchal in the Madeira Islands.
Architecture is as much about style as it is function.

Architecture defines a place and Funchal is a city with great traditions and beautiful architecture. The colonial architecture dates back to 1400 through 1800, the majority of which can be easily spotted in the old part of the city and other parts of the island of Madeira. The designs associated with this period include the fortresses, palaces, churches and some government buildings.

as an example .... The Forte de São José dates back to the 15th century, to the discovery of the Island of Madeira by João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz Teixeira. According to the history, the fort was where they took shelter when first arrived on the island. The fort’s architecture is of Portuguese influence, and most of it is built from the stone on which it stands. 
Among the important guests who have visited the fort are Christopher Columbus, Captain Cook and of course John and Leone Fabre!!!

sorry had to throw that one in!

Even if you're not into architectural sightseeing you have to admit that this awe inspiring square is simply surrounded by history and  has set off the architectural quality of the city center. The remarkable building of City hall, is set between the Largo do Município and the Rua do Bispo.

the following images - some old, some new, some apartments, some houses, some stores - but they all will give you a glimpse of the different styles of architecture seen throughout the Funchal area:
 I will have to do a blog post on all the beautiful lane ways too .... they are so old, quaint and beautiful, but also show off the buildings of Funchal.

hope you enjoyed this post about the architecture of Funchal.

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