Thursday, 18 August 2011

seriously Q U I ET seriously P E A C E F U L .

We stayed in the quietest and most peaceful place in all of Bali ........ well that's what I believe anyway!!
Here is a map of the area - of Bali - where we stayed
and with X marking our villa: 

 Seriously Q U I ET and seriously P E A C E F U L .

We had friends already staying there and as we wanted to also spend time with them, we booked into the same place:  Bahagia Park Private Estate.
But if you click on that link, you will be disappointed as it truly does not show this 'estate' to its best advantage. The reason being, they are trying to keep it 'low key' and use 'word of mouth' to spread the news!  Children are not encouraged at all. To some this might be a 'little offensive', but don't take it this way at all. The estate promotes peace and quiet and this is what it is. I wouldn't recommend children to stay anyway, there is no playground nor are the pools 'safe' for them. The depth in all of them is at 1.3m.

There are 12 villa's and each with it's own pool as well as there being two lap pools within the estate grounds. 
There is no restaurant or cafe on the premises, but the staff can prepare and serve meals if you wish. Our house boy prepared and served breakfast for us on our balcony for the first morning, after that we were quite happy to walk to the bakery each morning for fresh bread and we had fruit in the villa as well. There is staff available for each villa and they can do your shopping or prepare meals as well as do the cleaning.
Bahagia Park prefers that there be a minimum stay of seven days, but if that is not possible, do write to the manager as I am sure she could still accommodate you.

We were more than happy with our accommodation, and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone wanting a few days of total peace and quiet in rural surrounds and well away from the 'major tourist area's'!  If you wish to go to the beach to watch the sunset, it is just a 15 minute cab ride to Batu Belig Beach as seen below:
To walk to the bakery to get fresh bread each morning takes about 10 minutes to get the best tasting bread ever:
You can walk (maybe 25 minutes) to have a massage or ask the staff to organise the girls to come to the villa .... price is the same and it is in the comfort of your own villa or beside your pool ... sheer bliss!
Our friends villa overlooked the rice fields and it was so nice to sit there as the sun set, having a glass of wine, chatting while watching the field workers or the cows and birds:
one of my favourite area's to just 'be' was the day bed on our veranda ..... this was my 'nana nap' spot!  With the music playing, I could lay there watching the birds and kites flying overhead, before I dozed off in to the land of nod!
and John was not far behind me as he sat in "his" chair doing some "thinking"!  But as you can see in the next image, it was a lovely long veranda where we had plenty of room to chill out, meditate, read, eat or just plain 'nap'.
the garden area had many beautiful and colourful plants:
Next blog post will be of the villa ... it deserves its own post!

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