Sunday, 25 September 2011

around the bay ... too many times!

no wonder I was tired last night ......

apart from all the wonderful things we did yesterday like a visit to the Marina Bay Gallery, a short cruise on the Audi Super Yacht, dinner at Verve Pizza Bar and then the final practice of the Singtel Singapore Formula 1 .... we also had an extra walk that was not necessary!

First of all it took us one bus ride and two trains to reach Raffles Place MRT (seen below on the left in the map) from there follow the BLUE DOTS as we walk along Marina Boulevard to Marina Bay Gallery and where we visited the gallery, the Audi Super Yacht and dinner at Verve Pizza Bar, on the lower right of the following map.

After dinner, John and I decided to head straight to the Bay Grandstand where our seats are for the Singapore Grand Prix. See at the top of the map where the BLUE X is in front of the Floating Platform.

The quickest way there would obviously be past MBS and across Helix Bridge ..... well wouldn't it?

So off we went .... following the RED DOTS on the right hand side of the map, along the Marina Bay Waterfront, past MBS and across the Helix Bridge..... got as far as that blue X and we were stopped at Gate 10. We asked how to get to Gate 7 and were told we had to walk all the way around the bay again!

But ... but ... we already walked to here .... sorry lady, gotta walk back round again.

No one could even 'escort us' to where we had to be, such a short distance we could even see our seats! We had to turn around and walk a little over 3.5 klms (follow the GREEN DOTS) around the bay to where our seats were in front of the floating platform!

There were many people being turned back at Gate 10 on the Helix Bridge, we were not the only ones. All I ask is that for next year and subsequent years, can there be signs placed along the promenade letting visitors know that there is only access to gate 10 from the Helix Bridge and that there is no access available to any other zones for the F1.

Though to be fair it does say on the 'pass' that you cannot access gate 7 from  gates 1. 2. 8. 9. 10 ..... its in fine print above the seat numbers. But unfortunately we didn't even think to check for that information on our tickets.

it is just too far to expect people to walk when we were ill prepared for it and fighting the F1 crowds already along the way. We were hot and we were tired .... but we did it ....... just for that short distance between those TWO BLUE CROSSES near the top of the map!!

I just felt sorry for the tourists we saw being turned back as they really had no idea where to go.

Though there was a benefit for us as well as we did get to see how beautiful the promenade area is around Marina Bay now ..... the Singapore skyline is changing rapidly and we need to keep up with whats going on!   Will blog about the 'new' Marina Bay area soon.

stay tuned for more of what was on this weekend in Singapore!

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