Friday, 21 October 2011

walking tour of Kampong Glam ......

Yesterday I was able to be part of The Sultans of Spice, A Kampong Glam (Malay-Islamic Quarter) Walk put on by the "The Original Singapore Walks®" of Singapore.
 (above image 'borrowed' from their website - it is quite easily recognised)
The walks work on a simple principle: to bring people into places most other tours do not. As an example: Graveyards, smoke houses, wet markets, gun batteries and the city's best-kept secret places. You name it, they have it.

Any of these tours would be an excellent way for visitors (and residents) to get to know a part of Singapore that they would normally not have the chance to explore. Yes, you really should see the usual "touristy haunts", but hopefully you will have some extra time to visit these lesser known area's of Singapore and in most cases, perhaps even more entertaining.

Most of all, like any good tour, the Walks are easy to join. Pre-booking is NOT necessary. Simply turn up at the designated meeting point, pay the guide and off you go. (Meeting points are mostly at MRT station exits which make them easy to get to.) Reservations would be appreciated for Changi Museum War Trails™.
The person waving one of their brochures madly in the air would be your guide. The one we had yesterday was excellent ( I missed her name due to the traffic noises) but she was very knowledgeable and allowed plenty of time for people to ask any questions.

Read their website for further details of other tours they have available.
For the Sultan's of Spice, A Kampong Glam Walk, the walk is every Thursday / 9.30am - 12.00 noon ... meet at Bugis MRT Station, outside Exit B. But do check their website for any possible change.
helpful websites are as follows:

If Singapore is a destination you intend to be visiting soon, do make sure you have at least one of the  "Original Singapore Walks" tours added into your itinerary.

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