Tuesday, 1 November 2011

OCTOBER 2011 (stats for those interested!)

for our blog for the month of OCTOBER there were just on 20,000 page views ..... quite a significant number when you consider that is for just 31 days.  I realise there are many blogs out there that are far more popular and have triple (and more) the number of 'hits' ..... but we are more than happy with the hits that this blog receives and it is due to our loyal followers.
we thank you each and every one of you for sticking with us!

Most of the 'URL referrals' came through from Laura's blog titled:

and the rest of the blog traffic coming through regular "followers", via google, Living in Singapore, from other bloggers, Lonely Planet and the Singapore Expat Forums.


The most popular blog post for October was:

 The second most popular blog post for October was:

 and third most popular blog post was:

 the rest of the popular ones were about:


The majority of viewers were from Singapore, then came the USA, after that Australia, Malaysia, UK, Canada, Philippines, India and Indonesia.

Most viewers were using Internet Explorer (29%) as their browser and Windows (64%) as their operating system.  (I use neither!)

The use of the IPad as an operating system as jumped significantly with just on 2000 page views (8%) via the IPad in the past month, though the IPhone (as an operating system) is only slightly below that at 7%!

so there is a bit of trivia for you for the first day of November.

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Laura said...

Yay, happy to see that and I get a lot of hits via your blog too so thank you very much xx