Sunday, 6 May 2012

an overdue thank you to our followers!

Because we have been busy of late, we are way behind in saying a big Thank You to our many "followers", we appreciate your commitment to the following of our blog - which is all about "Living in Singapore" and what it entails. Be it our daily life while we lived in Singapore, the Social Media events we attended, the restaurants we were invited to, the travelling we were lucky to experience and of course all the events we were extremely lucky to be invited to.

Must admit, we do miss the social whirl of catching up with fellow bloggers and the many photographers at all the social functions we were invited to participate in .... be it the ArtScience Museum and its many exhibitions, one being the Van Gogh - Alive! and another being The Titanic Exhibition. But all events were interesting and informative for one reason or another. A very interesting 'event' was the walk around Bukit Brown Cemetery. It was a fun afternoon when we all enjoyed the afternoon of Understanding Classical Music or the Teochew Opera Street Performance!
We always had a great time wherever we went, but always more enjoyable when we met up with fellow bloggers and photographers.

One of the most memorable restaurant evenings was at The Halia, another was The Singapore Food Trail,  and of course, who could forget the equisite meal at NOVUS? 

Also would like to thank NotaTourist for their help and support of our blog!

I remember last year when I had someone ask if I was starting to do a "food Blog" as we had been doing quite a few 'reviews' of the restaurants around Singapore and then suddenly I did one on a recipe I was making at the time!  No, it's not a food blog - far from it - (but our new blog is fast turning into one!) ........ and no it's not a travel blog either. Though we do quite a few reviews on hotels and resorts that we have stayed in. Its not really a "lifestyle blog" either, its just an everyday 'diary' of where we go, what we do and some of our experiences along the way. If we can help others at the same time ... all the better!!

We enjoyed our time in Singapore and hope to return again very soon. I have lived in Canada, USA, Singapore and many parts of Australia, but Singapore will remain close to our hearts for many reasons.
The joy of new friendships that will be with us for the rest of our lives.  The people we have met have been just incredible. I would also say that we probably have more 'local' friends than we do 'expat' friends, so its been a good balance for us. We spent time with people that 'talk the talk' with us, sharing the festivals with friends from the Indian culture in particular, we spend time having kopi with others or sharing a plate of Char Kwe Tiau, wandering around Bukit Brown Cemetery or exploring Bukit Chandra with others, cycling, kayaking or photography, just so many people from all over Singapore share these same interests.

We sincerely thank our loyal "followers" for the many emails and comments we recieve about this blog and the posts.  There are 115 followers just through "blogger" and many, many more through the RSS feed and elsewhere.  At last count we have - on average - about 400 regular readers on a daily basis.

According to the stats rec'd yesterday we had just on 33, 000 hits last month alone and yesterday there were 1250 visitors to this blog.  Thats is a lot of people!

Many readers write thanking us for a particularly helpful blog post, might be about what to pack or not pack when going on vacation.  One that was helpful to many was what to do when in transit at Changi Airport , another being where to live in Singapore, or those that were looking for a good hair salon. 

But by far the most popular - and most helpful - is the blog post about how to go to Johor Bahru by bus!   This post alone gets at least 1500 hits per week. But also will add that it has had over 34,000 hits since it was written. So its obviously helpful to those people!

                   Thank you again ... its because of you guys we keep writing!


--andy-- said...

hi Leone, I will miss your neighbourhood trails, markets, gardens :)

Till we meet again, I will follow your trails down-under.

Stay happening !
cheers, andy

@KiwiInSG said...

Always a delight to read your blog posts :)