Wednesday, 7 March 2007

here somes the storm.....

Photo taken as the storm is approaching.

Then it started raining!!

but the sunrise at 7.00am in the morning was beautiful.

Now, I really gotta tell you, I don't get on too well with thunder storms. In fact I am very much a 'scaredy cat'.

Then you may well ask, how on earth is she going to cope in Singapore with all the tropical storms that seems to happen every afternoon!!!
Yep, am wondering that myself.

I am told by people with far more knowledge than I, the local people of Singapore that is, that the ones that we have experienced over the past 3 weeks that I have been here, really have not been that bad at all.

Now who are they kidding?

Last Tuesday, as in February 27th, had me sitting at the dining table with my head in my hands, frightened out of my wits (not that I have many left!) and I really don't know if it was me shaking or was it the building?
Anyway, here was this thunderstorm complete with all the lightning effects probably going on for about 15 minutes all up. The thunder was incredibly loud and it just seemed to roll on and on with it's rumbles.

Anyway, I obviously emerged unharmed.

Then yesterday, another one was on the horizon and about to erupt...... but it was nothing like last weeks, in fact I rather enjoyed watching the rain and the heavy black clouds roll by. I even managed to stand out on the balcony and take a few photos!

As you can see by the photos as above. One day I may even be brave enough to stand out on the balcony and capture the lightning!!!
I will place some photos on the next 'blog post' that shows the storm after it has passed and same view the following day without the storm!

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