Wednesday, 7 March 2007

They have arrived!!!!!!

yes, the 'two little princes' have arrived in Singapore and as I write this they are sitting at my feet, totaly exhausted ........ they dare not let me out of their sight!!


Jet Pets in Melbourne were the people that transported them and they were fantastic, always letting us know what was happening and when. We were kept informed at all times.
The vet (from Jet Pets) went to our daughters home last Friday to check them over making sure they had their microchips, all injections up to date and give them their flea treatment etc, then on Monday morning at 8.00am Jet Pets arrived in a van to place them in their respective 'cages' to take them to Tullamarine where they were again ' checked over' and kenneled overnight ready for the flight the next day.
They were taken to the airport in the afternoon in time for the Qantas flight (QF9) departure at 5.00pm.
I really don't want to know how they coped during take off or even the flight itself, I can just imagine Pokey would have been planted flat on the floor of his cage, shaking!
Mind you I was not much better here in Singapore as I waited for their arrival. :-)
The plane landed at 9.06pm (due at 9.30) and by the time they went thru customs then driven out to Bukit Batok, it was 11.15pm.

Mitchville K9 Kennels were the people handling everything at this end....they also were very good at keeping us informed as to time of arrival etc. They called us the day before to make sure we would be home (with our boys arriving, where else would we be??) and to let us know the ETA. Then once they were picked up the driver called to let us know he was on his way.
So we have been VERY happy with the service provided by Jet Pets and Mitchville K9 Kennels.
....... and of course, we are VERY happy to have "our boys" with us here in Singapore and coming in from Australia they did not have to be quarantined. Going back will be a different story .... one month in quarantine will not be a pleasant time for any of us.

Whether we have done the right thing in bringing them to here to Singapore, time will tell.
We will do our best to make sure they are happy and as comfortable as possible.

 yes ..... they are comfortable!!!

Pokey died in Singapore on JULY 7 2011 ....
now we are preparing Oscar for his journey back to Australia on FEB 21 2012!



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Hugs to the puppies.