Monday, 5 March 2007

The Pool......

General view of the pool.

View of the pool from our balcony.

view from the front lobby.
. you can see, the pool at The Jade is really beautiful. Certainly could not be called a suburban 'lap pool', probably a bit like a resort type holiday pool.

It is not heated and no laps lanes are marked. It is more of a pool for total leisure and relaxation with plenty of green foliage and BBQ area's. There are tables, chairs and umbrella's and lounge chairs for sleeping or reading!

Also there are 'spa baths' at about 6 or more different locations within the pool, plus three 'spa beds'. If you can imagine a contoured, tiled bed just below the surface of the water that is actually a spa bath?

We have been enjoying the pool usually of an evening, just after John arrives home from work and before we have dinner. So an hour or so in the pool is ideal to unwind.

John swims a few 'laps' and he says the pool is 'about' 50 metre's long. Then we have a bit of a laze in the spa.

Very relaxing. :-)

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