Monday, 5 March 2007

our boys - POKEY & OSCAR

These two well seasoned little travellers are about to embark on their first overseas flight.

But first, here are some photos of their other travels!

John and the boys -
camping at Sale

Pokey and Oscar, totally worn out
after a long day of travelling.

Oscar climbed up on Pokey to
get a better view out of the
window of the motorhome!

Laying over Leone's shoulder,
camping at Woodside.

Walking in the rain on a
very wet camping trip at

Today - Monday March 5 2007 - Pokey and Oscar were picked up from Janines home at 8.00am and taken to the kennels of "JetPets" at Tullamarine in Melbourne. They are having their final vet check's today before boarding Qantas Flight QF 9 tomorrow afternoon bound for Singapore!

The flight is due in at 9.30pm , after they go thru customs (checking for drugs no doubt!!) they are driven out to our home. We are anxiously awaiting their arrival that we think will be at about midnight.

They have a nice, comfy new bed waiting for them, plus new blue water bowls I bought at Ikea last week ...... and no, they are not spoilt, Just loved!

John suggested this morning that we should Blog the tale of the boys and all their travels ........ as they have always gone everywhere with us.

Apart from many camping trips, they have often been to Blackwood Cottage (our holiday retreat just out of Melbourne) where they love chasing the lizards!

Then in 2002 they travelled 40,000 klms around Australia with us in our motorhome.

...... and now, they are about to make their first overseas flight!!

I will document their arrival (on the blog) on Wednesday.

Pokey died in Singapore on JULY 7 2011 ....
now we are preparing Oscar for his journey back to Australia on FEB 21 2012!

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