Thursday, 15 March 2007

today's cleaning chore!

Today I decided to stay home and do some much needed cleaning, especially all the brassware that seems to discolor so quickly in this climate!

As you can see by the above two photos, both the lamp and the table need a good polish.

Good old Brasso, some cleaning cloths and "elbow grease" I get on with the job of cleaning the very old Chinese brass table that once belonged to my grandmother ......

[ Eileen May Rose ROBERTS (nee NORMAN) b. 1900 ]

she always kept the table in the middle of her lounge room with a crystal vase full of fresh flowers. The table was then handed to my mother and subsequently to me. I enjoy cleaning it and seeing it come up so bright and shiny. After the Brasso, then the polishing off, I give it a good wash with soapy water and finish it off with paper toweling. The brass comes up a treat!
The same cleaning procedure applies to the lamp. This lamp has always been mine, having been given it as a gift in 1965.
Here is a photo of the table after it has been cleaned, certainly worth the effort of some elbow grease! and the display of all the little brass nick nacks make a lovely display beside the wedding photo of my aunt and uncle, Dorrie and Jack Delaney.

[ Dorrie passed away two weeks ago on February 28 2007]

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