Wednesday, 14 March 2007

today's excursion .......

today's excursion was a trip to the IMM shopping centre at Jurong East.
I caught the train from Bukit Batok MRT to Jurong East MRT, took only three minutes as it is the next stop!
The above photo is taken from the Jurong East MRT. IMM is a Unique composition of retail, warehouse and office space and the URL is:

This is the inside of the Jurong East MRT interchange, very clean and modern. From the train station you can catch the free shuttle bus to IMM. Though today I decided to walk, knowing it would only take about 5 minutes.
The above photo is of the Jurong East MRT just after I had left it.
and this photo is of the covered walkway, that goes to IMM and elsewhere. Though there is also a 'short cut' across the park to the right.
after crossing the road, the above is the pathway that I continued along.
One more road to cross! But had I continued along the covered walkway I would have then used the overpass that can be seen in the distance in the above photo.
Now I am nearly at the shopping centre, the entrance that can be seen here is one of many. It is a very large centre with approx 250 retail stores and 35 food and beverage outlets as well. There are also two indoor playground areas as well as an art and craft area for children.
and now I am there!!
Each day I try to go somewhere different or learn something new about living in Singapore. So today was the trip to the IMM Centre.
After wandering around doing some window shopping and having lunch, I caught the free shuttle bus back to the Jurong East Interchange, then the train back to Bukit Batok and home!!
Singapore is so easy to get around, there are plenty of trains, buses, shuttle buses or taxi's to take you just about anywhere.

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