Tuesday, 19 June 2007

The Fabre's are back on Singapore Soil ....

crossed over Cook Inlet, Alaska
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Arrived back in Sing over the weekend after our whirlwind trip (of 2 weeks) of the US.
This photos was taken as we flew over Alaska, but to see the rest of the photos have a look at the Flickr Site:
Took a lot of aerial photos - well we were "in the air" for a total of 52.5 hours, so I guess you could say there was quite a bit of time availabe to take photos!!
Though must admit, there was a lot of area's with heavy cloud cover that just did not allow for any photo....let alone any good photo. But have managed to get a few good aerial shots of some of the US. The ones I do like are the Alaskan ones and the ones on arrival into San Francisco.

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