Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Jambu Air - Indonesian Fruit

Jambu Air - Indonesian Fruit
Originally uploaded by Leone Fabre.

There are several varieties of jambu. Jambu air is water or rose apple, a small glossy fruit colored pink or scarlet, which is crisp and refreshing.

Wash the fruit thoroughly, cut into quarters and remove the inner seed if there is one and any discolored parts, or else bite directly into the flesh.

Jambu bol is a different variety of rose apple that is larger, reddish and slightly striped and less juicy than jambu air. Jambu mede or jambu monyet is the cashew fruit and has a reddish yellow juicy flesh.

The cashew nut at one end of the fruit is usually harvested separately but may still be attached. Jambu biji or jambu kelutuk (guava) is greenish yellow on the outside with tasty pink or yellow flesh and many tiny seeds in the center.

Wash and eat the flesh or blend to make guava juice that contains lots of vitamin C.

Photo taken at the street market on the Island of Batam.


Turning Japanese said...

Yum... I ate these in Thailand. I wonder if I can find them in Footscray. They were delicious!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leone, jambu air is one of my favourite fruits, everytime I saw the big red jambu air, sure I would take it :)

I am originally from Indonesia but now staying in Malaysia ...