Tuesday, 11 December 2007

sailing ~~~^~~~~^~~~~~~^

well she will be sailing in the Southern Ocean by now............. where it will be, no doubt, very cold. I hope she gets to see the Whales, Seals and penquins..... certainly will see penquins, but I know she is hoping to get close to seeing the whales!

Today it is Tuesday Dec 11, she has been 'at sea' for nearly 36 hours.

We are constantly thinking of her and wondering what she is doing and how she is feeling. Well perhaps it is me that is thinking of her more than Dad, mainly because he is at work......but once he is at home he wants to know if we have heard from her.

Today is very wet here in Singapore, it is pouring right now (5.30pm) and am glad I got back home about an hour ago...... had to go over to Phillips to take our clock radio back for repairs. What an excursion......!!!

Anyway, mission completed and am back home. :-)

(photo above is of Janine in 1972)

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