Sunday, 10 August 2008

the start of my trip to Alaska!!!

Omigosh....... its been two weeks since I have arrived back home (Singapore) and I have not written one word about our holiday in Alaska.

Time is getting away from me.... and fast!!

I have spent a fair amount of time getting my photos in date order and then starting the uploading process to flickr. But I really want to get back onto my blog to start my travel tales!!

Janine and I met in Tokyo on Saturday June 28 and continued to Vancouver where we changed flights and went north to Anchorage. Our first flight was on JAL (Japan Airlines) and we flew first class, which is always rather special. JAL cannot be faulted for their treatment of passengers and the service that is provided. Our next flight to Anchorage was on Alaskan Air, again first class, very comfortable, but not a patch on JAL.

Hhmmmm, sounds like I am getting really fussy now!!

But flying first class or not, the baggage can still be miss placed as in this case with Janine's luggage...... while going thru customs and immigration at Vancouver, one of the JAL staff came up to us and asked if we were the Fabre party and if so, could we kindly come with her to check our baggage. Now thats is not a good sign, firstly because we were going thru customs all I could think of what on earth was IN our luggage, not even thinking about it being lost!!

But it was Janine's. They told us now that it was “unaccompanied luggage” it would not be arriving for about 24 hours. and that it would be delivered direct to the hotel in Anchorage ...... in the meantime, Janine was given a bag of toiletries to make do till it arrived.

Flying over Alaska was very exciting – well to me it was – as all I could see were the snow capped mountains and could hardly wait for our journey to begin.

After flying for well over 31 hours, we arrived at our Anchorage Hotel and had a lovely long sleep ....... waking up on Sunday morning quite refreshed and ready to go!!

But honestly none of the photos I have taken really show Alaska for what it is. What I have taken are just examples of what one can see there. One really must travel and experience it for themselves ....... but not with a large tour company where you are herded around like sheep.... but a trip that you can plan yourself, with the help of others if needed, but one that can be enjoyed.

more to follow........

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