Monday, 11 August 2008

Anchorage - a beautiful city!

Photo at left is Janine and Bob
getting ready to take a photo
of the sunset at 11.30pm!!!

Anchorage was a lovely surprise...... beautiful people, great market, bright flowers and just a downright fine city!

We stayed for 4 days and enjoyed every minute there. But we were lucky as two friends (met thru flickr) showed us around their hometown. We saw places and things that otherwise we would not have seen.

A Moose with her baby.

The back side of the Airport!

An Eagles Nest.

Sunset at 11.30pm.

Inside an Anchorage home - a real home!

Potters Marsh.

and more.......

I would like to be able to return again one much to see - so little time. :-)

The little bird above, is a baby seagull taken at Potters Marsh, south of Anchorage and the blue flower is a HIMALAYAN BLUE POPPY that Bob has growing at his home.

Next 'posting' will be about the trip we did to Prince William Sound.

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