Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Monday - BIG SHIP DAY in Skagway!!!

We arrived in Skagway on Saturday July 12 2008......

lovely little town ( village ) we spent Sunday wandering around, buying a few souvenirs, having lunch and just generally enjoying the day.

But we were told (read: warned!) that it would not be like this the next day, we asked why?

"well tomorrow, is BIG SHIP DAY when all the tourists the winter we look forward to them coming as they bring in the dollars, but we are so glad when they all go home!!"

The next morning I had forgotten all about it, that is until I walked down to the post office and while crossing the road looked down towards the port....and there they were, at least THREE cruise liners discharging their passengers into this lovely quiet little town.

you can see an example by the two following images, before and then after!!

even that really is not a true indication, as this was still early morning when I took the second image. By mid day you could hardly move on the sidewalks..... as for lunch, well we couldn't get into a cafe or restaurant until, after 2.30!!!

The jewelry stores were doing a roaring trade..... so many gullible people.. LoL.... !!!  

We lost count of how many jewelry stores were in Skagway selling gold and fine trinkets from the 'gold fields' .... :-))

But what was amazing is the signs in the windows offering passengers off the cruise ship "*****" a 60% + discount..... 60%! how much profit they must be making even before that!! Of course as soon as that cruise liner departs, the name changes to the next cruise liner.

But apart from all that, we did enjoy Skagway, though we only stayed three days. ..... and it was cold all three of those days... see the sign that was in our room at the hotel:

Janine at the RED ONION SALOON having a beer.....
small ship port / moorings / marina at Skagway.....

another view of Skagway......

had to take a peek at the steam engine down by the port....

Skagway really is a lovely little place, north part of the Inside Passage in Alaska..... but we should have organised to stay a bit longer to explore more of this area.

next posting: probably will be the boarding of the M/V Kennicott on Monday July 14!


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