Monday, 22 December 2008

our Christmas at Nongsa Village

December 22 ..... and not long to go before we all celebrate our special Christmas Day.

Be it going to Church, participating in a peaceful and religious ceremony, a lunch with family, or just being together, a day with friends, maybe spending it by the beach or somewhere cold where you will have a "white Christmas" ...... where ever it is, enjoy whatever this special day means to you.

John and I are spending Christmas on the Island of Batam (part of Indonesia) where we will have a very memorable Christmas once again.

We spent last Christmas there at Turi Beach Resort and were overwhelmed with the generosity of spirit with all the local people and staff. They all joined in to make it a very special day for everyone.
We did not expect to see all the Indonesian staff of the resort wearing red Santa Hats, or the school children to be singing Christmas Carols, nor did we expect to see an Indonesian Band singing "Away in a Manger" and other Christmas Hymns..... it truly was very special.

these images were taken at Turi 2007:

This year tho' we are celebrating Christmas in our own home there with our friends Sandra, Doug, Jamie and Scott ..... and a few others too. There is enough food to feed all of Batam with the amount we have taken over already and what is packed to take tomorrow too!!

There are many people that wonder why we spend time on Batam, but all I can say is we really love it....... the people are just so friendly and truly beautiful people.

They are very poor but this does not detract from themselves as human beings. They make the most of what little they do have and are always grateful for whatever comes their way.

John in particular enjoys Batam, probably because it reminds him so much of Mauritius when he was a little boy ...... if you don't know where that is, check the Wikipedia site here:

This is where John was born and lived with his family till he was 11 years of age, they then all moved to Australia ..... but he still remembers all the antics he got up to on the Island as a boy. This is why he enjoys spending so much time on Batam.

He is getting his snorkling things so he can dive off the end of the jetty and "just have fun" !!

So yes....that is our Christmas.

Three weeks of bliss at Batam.
Such a peaceful and restful little piece of paradise!!
Wherever you are spending or whatever you are doing for Christmas, we hope yours is a peaceful and memorable one too.

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Tracy and Della said...

Sounds absolutely fabulous. We hope that you share a memorable time with your family and friends in Batam. We wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas and New Year.