Saturday, 3 January 2009

Peace and Tranquility that's Batam

This is such an amazingly, peaceful and relaxing holiday that we are having over here at Nongsa Village …… superb weather, a lovely group of friends, plenty of food, the time we spend with each other all comes together in a fabulous holiday ‘package’.

We have both finished one book each, though we had planned on reading more by this time. It’s just that we have both had a severe dose of the “Batam Bug”. Yes, terribly contagious and we have had it ever since we arrived here on Tuesday December 23!

Pick up a book and within minutes one is ‘napping’ or perhaps fully zonked out and into a deep sleep ….. yes, we call this “the Batam Bug”. Most of the residents have this disease, visitors more so and we have it EVERY TIME we come over to Nongsa, usually hits us as we enter the front gate…..LoL…. !!

But don’t be too concerned and no, we do not need any medical intervention as we are not looking for “the” cure just yet.

Our days do start with some exercise , usually up by 6.15am and starting our walk by 6.30. We head out the front security gate and head towards Turi Beach Resort and back along the beach via the ‘boardwalk’ tis a lovely walk early morning and we very rarely meet anyone other than the security guards who always call out with a cheery “Selamat Pagi” (Good Morning).

some images from our morning walk...

All the staff here at Nongsa Village are very friendly and helpful and even popping into our villa to see if there is anything we need. The manager (of the Village) often calls in to check how things are, but each staff member here and at the Marina or Turi are very friendly and courteous at all times. It certainly makes life easier for us…..we are doing our best to learn Bahasa and we are managing very well, Johns pronunciation is far better than mine, but if John is not around I can still battle my way thru a sentence or two and best of all am understood, which is what I set out to do anyway.

I can now ask Dentak (the maid) to cook certain foods for dinner tomorrow or ask her to iron something in particular, or tell her to come in at such and such a time. Yesterday I was going to the pool and even managed to ask her to just close the door but not lock it on her way out!!

We can manage to go into Batam Center and do our own shopping, find most of the foods etc we may need. So we feel we have settled into Indonesia quite well. But I must admit it certainly does help when the people themselves are friendly, helpful and best of all – always smiling, but that should be the case the world over, if everyone was helpful, friendly and could communicate, surely this world would be a better place???

We do not have internet access here at our villa, so we use John’s laptop and go over to Nongsa Marina most days to use their WiFi system…….. needs a heap of patience as it is so S L O W ……..but I should not complain as at least it gives us some contact with the ‘outside world’.

This is usually where we sit to do emails and where I am right now to work on my blog:

John playing around with his music...

Anyway, am typing this in MS Word and hopefully can cut and paste this into my blog once I log onto the internet. (Yay, it worked!)

John at Nongsa:

Will write more soon – perhaps once I get back home to Singapore in a week or so.

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