Monday, 19 January 2009

POKEY: the sneaky little puppy!!

well not really a puppy any longer - he is 12 years old - but he still is "sneaky" !!

he will hide where ever he can on, in or under something soft and cuddly.

one day after stripping the bed of the sheets and Doona (Duvet to some) the Doona was on the floor, I came back in to the bedroom to remake the bed only to see this large bundle of bedding start to move.....

yes, he was snuggled up underneath this large King Sized Doona!

another day I found him in the laundry basket:

.... and then today I was stripping the beds in the guest room after our visitors left. Came back in to the room and wondered what the "lump" was under the mattress protector.

Yes, it was Pokey: the sneaky little puppy!

I just have to keep an eye on him at all times.

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AngryAngMoh said...

Reminds me of my cat, back home... you had to be careful jumping on your bed in case "someone" was already hiding below the blankets...