Monday, 26 January 2009

Sentosa Island, Singapore

On Saturday we decided to head towards Sentosa Island, we have a yearly pass so it is not only convenient for us, but also encourages us to visit often. As our friend Cathy is staying with us for 10 days it was an ideal opportunity to show her the beauty of Sentosa. We saw the 2009 Sentosa Flower Show, took a ride on the 'tram' to the beaches and walked along the Merlion Walk, with it's 120-metre-long colourful mosaic walkway with jumping water jets and a beautiful set of Carillon bells at the end of the walkway and took many photos:

A few of the images I took while walking around at Sentosa Island are as follows, the first one being of John and myself on the swing!

................ as the sun sets on Sentosa Island, so the light changes and the whole of Sentosa Island takes on a new dimension:

Next "post" will be of the Sentosa Flower Show - 2009.

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AngryAngMoh said...

Hey, good to see they reopened the bridge over to the "Most Southern Point", was closed quite some time until short ago..