Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Sunday by the pool

On the first Sunday of each month the Chef and his staff from the Nongsa Point Marina come over to Nongsa Village (at Batam) and cook up a storm!!

There is a ‘bar’ area at one end of the pool and they set up there with music, a BBQ, oven etc and put on food and drinks from 12 noon thru till around 6.30pm for all of us at the Village. Sometimes there maybe only 6 – 10 people, other times perhaps 25 – 30 ……. but throughout the afternoon people are wandering in, some for eating, some for a drink, a few for a swim, but mostly to catch to up with each other, ones that live and work here, or others like ourselves that come over as often as they can, to get together within the community atmosphere.

The food that the Marina put on is always tasty and delicious with Satay’s, Fried Noodles, Pizza and Nasi Goreng and for drinks there is beer, wine and soft drinks… no one could go hungry or thirsty!

…….. and to explain the set up a little:

Nongsa Point Marina, Turi Beach Resort and Nongsa Village are three resorts next to each other near the Nongsapura Ferry Terminal on the Indonesian Island of Batam.

This area is well known for the Golf Courses. They have a shuttle bus that operates between each resort and to the ferry terminal. The people from Nongsa Village can eat at the restaurants at Turi or the Marina, and also use the business centre at Turi and are always part of the celebrations any of the resorts maybe holding. All three are considered separate ‘gated communities’ that work very closely together.

From the three resorts, Batam Centre is about 40 mins away (by car/shuttle/taxi) where there is shopping. Most of the residents at Nongsa Village have a vehicle but for people like ourselves we usually would hire a driver and vehicle for 3 hours (shopping) or 6 hours if we wanted to go sightseeing.

If it is just to go out for dinner to a restaurant in the centre we would have a car + driver and he would wait for us to take us back to the village. If we wanted to go into the centre for some shopping but not sure how long we would be or if we wanted to go to a movie etc…we would probably take a cab each way.

Anyway, back to our Sunday afternoon by the pool…….

The following photos are of the Chef cooking John’s fried noodles and a couple of photos of the pool area, one of the photos was taken (of the spa area) during the storm later in the day.

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