Sunday, 22 February 2009

Thunderstorms and frightened boys!

I am sitting here listening to the thunderstorm, naturally Pokey and Oscar are sitting under the desk and on my feet, frightened out of their wits! Nothing will ever stop them shaking and being so frightened. I have tried ignoring them, cuddling them, taking them out, covering them ... nothing works. So I just leave them to do what they want.

We were out most of yesterday and on our way home we could see there was a storm over where we live. By the time we did arrive home it had past by but we could see the evidence of how frightened "the boys" were....... we close all the doors when we go out and they only have access to the lounge, kitchen and one bathroom. Mainly so that having those doors open there is a cross flow of air.

The evidence was the toilet paper had been pulled down and it was spread all over the floor, and it looks as though they had tried to get behind the actual toilet.

But that was all the damage I could see. In the past on arrival home I have found Pokey up on the bookshelf or on the cupboard. Once when I left the study door open he was on my desk!

I was going to upload about Jonker Street in Malacca..... but will do that over the next few days, and of course also about our trip out to Changi Beach yesterday....

so much to write about and so little time - or so it seems!



AngryAngMoh said...

Yeah, finally rain, I was dancing in the streets (almost)... was time for some cool down and water here in Singapore...

Leone Fabre said...

I know .... it really is lovely to have the rain.

The grass out the front is becoming GREEN again!!