Monday, 23 February 2009

todays storm......

yesterdays posting about Thunderstorms and frightened boys - should have been left till today to write.

Out again today, another storm..... ......

home to find the tap running full blast in the guest bathroom!!!!!

Yes it had to be Pokey (who else??) climbed up on the toilet and into the sink.

Then turned on the tap!!

Do not ask me how, all I can think is that it is so easy to knock the single tap for it to turn on ..... just thank goodness that the sink plug was not activated ...... otherwise the apartment would have been flooded.

The water would have been running for at least two full hours, I shudder to think how much water was wasted, not to mention this months water bill.

OK, from now on the bathroom door will also be CLOSED.

This is the bathroom before the disaster:

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