Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Storm destroyed 200 trees at Jurong Country Club

Yesterdays newspaper tells us about the 200 tree's destroyed in just 15 minutes at Jurong Country Club, just near where we live.

........and in part the article reads:

"The decision was made to abandon the tournament because the many tall trees that were there to protect certain holes were gone and this would have affected the degree of difficulty of the golf course, he added.

Right before the Sumatra squall, the club's lightning meter registered a reading of "35", a very high number considering that, at a reading of "two" the greens are cleared of people to prevent lightning from striking anyone, said Mr Mike Chong, the club's golfing supervisor.

He said: "At around 3.45pm, there was a lot of lightning, so we suspended the course and got everyone to take shelter. Fifteen minutes later, the sky was very dark and suddenly there was a very, very, strong wind".

Then 15 minutes later, the lightning meter went back down to "zero" and the golfers were prepared to go back to their game as the sky had cleared.

That was when they saw the destruction that had taken place.

Thought I had better go find out whats been happening with the weather here in Singapore, especially on Sunday when we had the most amazing storm ever.
You probably wont be able to read the image I scanned in.

.... but it does say that there will be Wet Weather in Singapore till the end of the month!!

it goes on to say that Rainfall was above average for the first two weeks of this month.

But to explain the weather we experienced here on Sunday as written on the left side of the above image:

Sumatras are lines of thunderstorms (squalls) which usually occur between March and November each year.

Squalls typically form in unstable atmospheric environments in which low-level warm air can rise unaided after being initially lifted by a cold front.

Cloud formation occurs, during which heat is released, resulting in the rising air becoming lighter than nearby air at the same height.


This leads to an acceleration in the speed of rising air. Wind on the ground can be up to 90kmh.

and here are just a few images taken from our balcony last Sunday afternoon during the storm:

we had lightning hit between us and this building opposite..... just amazing and so loud!!
This image will show you the difference a day makes!!

Well that is just a little bit about some of the weird weather we have been experiencing here in Singapore!!

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