Monday, 16 March 2009

on bus service number 9

Bus service - route 9 - Changi Bus Interchange to Tanah Merah MRT:

after we arrived back at Changi Point Ferry Terminal, we walked over to the Changi Bus Interchange and boarded bus number 9 to take us back to the MRT. We didn't mind if it was Bedok, Tanah Merah or Simei MRT..... just so long as we reached one of them!

It was a "double decker" bus, so of course we had to sit up the top and at the front. I took a few images of our travel route.

First image is of the bus ahead of us pulling out of the Interchange...... if you are reading this via FB, the images are better quality if you go direct to the blog or "original post".

pulling out of the Interchange near Changi Village ......
and this image is of us turning left and part of Changi Village can be seen here.
the actual bus route is quite scenic, well the parts we saw were!

it takes in Changi Golf Course, Loyang Valley, Melville Park, Dahlia Park, down along Loyang Road, Tampines Ave and Simei Road.....

and Upper Changi Road, Bedok Road before arriving at Tanah Merah MRT.

this is the Bedok Shopping Complex and Market.
so a nice bus ride after our day at Pulau Ubin, onto the train and back home to Bukit Batok!


Oswald Chong said...

I'm not sure if there's still a No. 2 route and it still follows the same route. No. 2 probably covered Singapore most extensively, began at Changi and ended in Clementi, passed through many towns and downtown.... try it! But if it changes route already.... most likely will be shortened, then it's not really worth the trip...

Leone Fabre said...

Yes Oswald, there is a Bus number 2 running along a similar route. We took number 2 last time, from Tanah Merah MRT, this time tried number 9 from Simei MRT.

Like to try a different bus where we can as we get to see more!!