Tuesday, 21 April 2009

a Cambodian Picnic - part two

please read previous post - part one - first.

at the end of "part one" we left it at the point where we set off to find a quiet spot for our picnic with Ly Heng our guide and Phanna our driver......
we walked past many of these hut like structures that some of the families that had arrived early were lucky to secure.....
Phanna walked ahead of me to try and steady the swing bridge while I crossed the river .... didn't help though as the children thought it funny to watch the foreigners crossing on such a wobbly bridge so made it even wobblier - is there such a word??

we found a spot - maybe not so quiet - but at least there was space for the four of us .... John sat on one of the carved rocks for awhile, that is until the bum became numb!
I don't think I have ever seen so many people at one place at any one time. We couldn't possible estimate the numbers, except to say it ran into the thousands. They were everywhere, in the water, on rocks, in tree's, sitting on fences and mats.... anywhere a bum could fit, someone was there!

even a wee baby got to have a nap - squashed in with the dad though!

and then we walked down towards the waterfall..... here is the top section of the falls where everyone wanted a turn at standing underneath the water. Everyone was having such fun..... not one bad tempered child or adult did we see or hear, everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves.

then Ly Heng took us to the foot of the falls ...... would love to see this when there is not so many people there .... it really is a beautiful part of Cambodia.

I should mention here that it was extra busy with people as it was part of the four day holiday period for the Khmer New Year ..... we were there on Friday April 17 right in the middle of all the celebrations!

next posting will be on our way back after the picnic!!!

a Cambodian Picnic - part three!


Oswald Chong said...

You guys are so adventurous!

cajunsis said...

How did I not know this blog existed? I love it!