Tuesday, 12 May 2009

one magnificent sunset over Singapore

am way behind again with my blog ... ... or more to the point "as usual" .... how come I am always running out of time?


Yes, thats me.

Was always known as a great organiser, but left that title back in Australia I think!

anyway, what I really wanted to share today is the fabulous sunset we saw last Saturday night when John and I sat on the pier at Nongsa Village.

We wandered down to the pier at about 5.35pm and this is what we saw..... in the distance is Singapore.

by 6.00pm this is what the sunset looked like, looking from Nongsa Village, past Turi Beach Resort, past Nongsa Point Marina over the straits and across to the west of Singapore....

and within a couple of minutes the colour of the sky changed....

then it only took another two minutes before the sun disappeared all together !!

by 6.08pm the wonderful sunset show was all over.....

only to return again 24 hours later ........ no matter where we are, the sun can certainly put on a beautiful display when it feels like it.

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Tanya said...

wow Leonie stunning pics!!