Monday, 18 May 2009

'tis a fine city....

in my previous post (yesterday: if you gotta sleep...) it was brought to my attention that sleeping in parks is illegal.

and so I googled to see what I could come up with:

Do you know that in Singapore, sleeping on park benches is an offence? A bus driver didn't know that when he dozed off on the bench while taking shelter from the rain. His ignorance cost him SG$200 for a 15-minute nap.

A National Parks

Board (who fined the driver) spokesman said: "We try to create the conditions that make visitors feel at ease... When people abuse our parks by overstaying or squatting, they make genuine park users feel uncomfortable. Others sleep on benches or in shelters in an inconsiderate manner and deny park users from these facilities."

so there you are ....

no sleeping on park benches in Singapore otherwise the tourists will not feel at ease.

now I know why tourists feel uneasy in Melbourne,

there are park bench sleepers in every park!!


cajunsis said...

Wow. I see people dozing in parks all the time. Guess they don't know about the fines either! Geeze. I don't feel uneasy with them dozing - in fact, I am amused because there are soooo many!

Leone Fabre said...

nah .... does not bother me either!

It must be so hot for these outside workers, that I can totally understand why they need to have a nap!

Oswald Chong said...

I didn't know that, I slept outside while I was young... these are some of the laws that no one really enforce, maybe once in a while.