Monday, 6 July 2009

expired visa ......

Multiple Entry Visas (MEV) and the Smart Card!

Foreigners who are members of approved clubs in Batam can get a one year Multiple Entry Visa, valid only for Batam, Indonesia. We can also have a MEV as we are members of TNIV (Nongsa Village) in Batam.

You can get this MEV from any Batam Golf Club or from Golden Image services (tel Batam 0778 761777 / Singapore 65-6737 1312). Golden Image is the company that arranges Batam Smart Cards and Riau Islands Sailing Permits.

We purchase ours at Golden Image Services in Upper Cross Street, Singapore.

You have to allow at least 3 full working days.

We also have a Smart Card .......... an "Electronic Passport" that makes traveling between Singapore and Batam so much easier. It is just the same size as a credit card ....... just swipe it on entry or when departing and no need to show the passport or wait in line along with everyone else!

But it does help to make sure it is up to date and has not EXPIRED!!!

Like ours had......... last Friday evening on entering Batam we were told our visa had expired. What a poop. Our fault, we had not checked. So had to pay the full entry visa fee. When it hurts the wallet you are sure to remember NEXT TIME!

So off I trotted to Chinatown today to renew the visa and smart card. Not as easy as I thought, as it has expired we have to do it all over again.

Except..... have to leave the passports there for three working days!

Sounds easy eh?

No.... John is off to China tomorrow (Tuesday) Indonesia has a public holiday on Wednesday and I am off to Malaysia on Thursday, not a hope of getting the visa's done this week.

Will have to get mine done next week and wait till John returns on July 22 (from China) for his to be done.

We do notice here that you have to be vigilant with everything you do or need to do. You must carry your IC (Identity card) with you at all times, you must check that you have all cards, passport, visa's etc up to date - no one elses responsibilty - it is all yours!

These are things that you never consider when you are in Australia. It is only when you are about to go on holidays that you might think about checking the passport!

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