Tuesday, 7 July 2009

shopping places for those that live in Singapore

these are just a couple of places I do some of my shopping - it is here for the benefit of others living in Singapore that are looking to save a few dollars!

For those that are looking for really good quality meat and a wide range of products, e.g., dairy products, burgers, frozen vegetables, canned products, chicken franks, margarine, drinks etc try Ben Foods.

Their prices are a lot lower than the supermarkets, but they are open only on Saturday mornings for the general public.

To get there take BUS 79 from Jurong ....... or if you are not sure how to get there, log onto GOTHERE, this is the best website for getting around Singapore by car / cab / bus or train!


Ben Foods (S) Pte Ltd
1 Fishery Port Road,
Singapore 619729

Tel : 6778 6655 ;
Fax : 6777 2869

Email : info@benfoods.com

But they do have good specials most Saturdays....... Australian and New Zealand Sirloin and Rib Eye and other beef cuts too which are better quality than in Australia as it is Export Quality. They also have good fillets of Salmon for around $20.00 ..... that is half a salmon. Cheese (Coon) is also a lot cheaper there .... I think about $4.00 compared to $6.50+ in some supermarkets.

Phoon Huat is another place I shop at .... there is a store at Holland Village and another over near Jurong MRT, at the back area past Cash Converters. But check the website as they have many otther stores listed across the island.

** have rec'd a message to say the Jurong Store closed recently - will check it out **


They sell heaps of things at a really good price, but not only that, you can purchase food items (in particular Christmas goodies, bakery items) that you cannot get elsewhere. I buy Australian butter (250g) for $1.90, which sells for $4.00 in the supermarket.

So worth checking out if you have not already done so!

a friend in Singapore (thanx Pete) has just sent me this, am sure it will be of help to many others:

Can I also add The Butcher - while catering somewhat to the expat market, their free home delivery for orders over $100, online store, and quality is fantastic.

For wine, try Wine+ - good selection, half and dozen pricing (including mixed dozens), and usually free delivery.

And finally, do try and locate your nearest wet market! Hope this helps!

here is another excellent website for anyone in Singapore!



cajunsis said...

Pam had just told me about Ben Foods - gotta try that. Thanks for the tips :-)

Melanie said...

THank you!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

thanks for the info!
although to add, the phoon huat near jurong east mrt, behind cash converters is closed now.
wasted a trip there recently. the nearest to jurong would be at clementi mrt.

Leone Fabre said...

Thanks for that Anna..... was there last month and there was no mention of it closing!!

Maybe not enough 'usage' being sort of jammed in the back there.